EasyTroc®: Safe Fixation – with just 1 Click

EasyTroc® is a true innovation in field of trocars – allowing a safe Fixation in the abdominal wall – like a balloon trocar – but much easier to handle.

  • Safe Fixation – against slipping
  • Easy Fixation with 1-Click – instead of balloon handling
  • Several additional USPs, e.g. better grip, lenght of trocar
  • 5mm available, soon also 10mm
  • Special fields of application: Adipose Patients, asthenic Patients
  • Made in Germany

Safer fixation – easier to use

Safe Fixation

Easier – fixate with just 1 Click



Insert trocar



Fixate trocar – with 1 click through patented anchor system



Trocar is fixated – and safe against slipping

Solve fixation

Solve fixation

Stretch trocar, solve fixatione and take out

Special benefits


For all operation which require a very well fixated trocar:

Spezielle Anwendungsfälle

  • With frequent change of instruments
  • With asthenic patients
  • With adipose patients

Alternative Fixierung heute

So far only balloon trocars e.g. Applied Kii Advanced Fixation allow good Fixation.

EasyTroc(R) is the first true alternative – similar level of Fixation, easier to handle and several other USPs.


Easier than any ballon trocar - great!- Dr. Soeren Funk, Hoyerswerda
EasyTroc - simple and very helpful.- Prof. Rudi Campo, Leuven, Belgien
Working with EasyTroc is simple - and fixation works very good!<br /> - Prof. Thomas Römer, Chefarzt Gynäkologie Köln, Deutschland

Weitere Informationen

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  • SingleUse: No reprocessingcost
  • 5mm Diameter available, in the future also 10mm diameter
  • Working length 5mm, complete lenght 16mm
  • Weight 15 gr.
  • Material Plastics, bio compatible
  • Patent protected: US Patent: US 9,795,409 B2, Oct . 24. 2017; EU Patent applied

1 Trocar + 1 Obturator

Ref: REF 90-555-TSEP 01

2 Trocars + 1 Obturator

Ref: REF 90-555-TSEP 02

About us

TrokaSure GmbH & Co. KG is a specialised medtech Company for R&D in the field of laparoscopic and gynecological innovation.  Trokasure GmbH & Co. KG was founded 2013 and is privately held. .

Production and R&D are located in Germany. Processes are in accordance with ISO 13485 certified by MedCert.


We are expanding our international Distribution Network. If you are interested to cooperate with us as Distribution Partner please contact MTIGER – www.Medtech-Innovation-Germany.com – support@Medtech-Innovation-Germany.com. MTIGER is taking care of all cooperation with Distribution Partners worldwide.

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